Zwift Beta not found in the European Google Play Store. (Vienna, Austria)


Vienna, Austria (EU)

On my Samsung Galaxy S7 i can install the Zwift (Unreleased).

On my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 i can’t find Zwift in the Google Play Store.


Hey Rainald, can you still not see Zwift in the Google Play store? If not you may want to contact Google Play support to see if there is an issue on their end? Contact us back when you can. :) 

Same problem with Galaxy Tab S2 in The Netherlands… S7 also working

We’re investigating this, I’ll give you all an update as soon as possible! 

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Rainald and Eelco, can you two send me the exact model number of your Tab S2 devices if possible? I want to check if your versions of it support the Beta. 

The model number is SM-T810. Running Android 7.0

The model number is SM-T810. Android 7.0 Nice Support so far!

The same problem here (Warsaw, Poland) Model SM-T715.

If you have the time could you all email and include the model numbers of your Samsung tablets as well? Our Android beta support team will be able to dig a little deeper into the issue. Thank you for being patient with us! 



Done! (For all…)

Rainald Kaspirek, Thank you,

Is there any progress.

Can any of You find Zwift app in the Play Store (I still can’t) ?


Vienna, Austria (EU)

Still can’t find Zwift beta on my

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T810).

I mail this status to

Maybe this helps…



Still got the same problem here  :frowning:

i also have Samsung tab s2 model t815 and I joined beta program of zwift android ,first it was available to download,but know after factory reset for the tablet i didn’t found it at play store
plz help ,i can’t use zwift anymore!