Galaxy tab s7 work?

I’m looking to purchase a new tablet and running Zwift will be one of its main tasks. Will a new Galaxy tab S7 with 6g ram and 126 gb work? Anyone using one? Will it run it as well as my Samsung S21 smart phone? Note, I’m a tech dinosaur… I have seen alot of conflicting info in regards to android tabs and zwift.

Zwift works an my Galaxy Tab A7 (The newer model)

HI I have been using it for over a year now with no issues on both my TACX smart bike and TACX Flux via bluetooth

I’m using Zwift with the Galaxy Tab S6 and it works great.

Thanks so much for getting back. I went ahead and bought a tab s7 and it works great as well!

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Hi Darrell (and fellow tab S7 users) I recently switched from an old iPad (everything was working fine) - now, with the new tablet my bluetooth connection to the Wahoo Kicker drops at around 1hr into the ride … any ideas? I thought this might be a power saving ‘feature’ because it seems to happen pretty regularly at ~1hr and I am running off batery (USBC is used for HDMI) but I don’t see a setting to turn this off.

I’ve been using my tab s7 on a Saris H3 with no issues at all.

I use a splitter on the usbc port that allows hdmi and charging at the same time.