Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020)

This may have been asked already but I couldn’t find any info about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) when I searched this forum. This tablet seems to have the right specs for Zwift. Has anyone successfully ran Zwift on a Tab A7? I’m thinking of buying one and would like to know before I buy.



Thanks for your reply, though that thread seems to be for an older tablet, the Tab A (2019). The Tab A7 came out recently and has much better specs (Adreno 610 GPU, 3GB Ram, etc). In several ways it’s similar to the Galaxy Tab 6 Lite which can run Zwift.

I use a 2020 Galaxy Tab A7 and have had no problems with it at all. Replaced a broken Huawei Mediapad M5.

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I have tab a s6 and never had any issues

Hallo Mark,
I have a Tab S7 too but wonder hoe to connect my Garmin HRM tri heartrate band.
I have a 735XT watch too.

I connect my HRM through Bluetooth as the A7 doesn’t have ANT+. I also have a Samsung S5e which does have ANT+ which let’s me use either Bluetooth or ANT+.

Tab A7 works with zwift. I have it running.

That’s right, Zwift on the Samsung Tab A7 2020 works very well. Good image transmission to Android TV (chromecast), ANT dongle works, but personally I use BT (less interference).

Use ANT + dongle with a USB-C -> USB-A adapter to connect ANT devices, e.g. ANT heart rate monitor.
I transmit the heart rate from the Fenix 6X Pro via BT, but after connecting the ANT dongle, everything works fine also with ANT (also the HRM-Tri heart rate sensor).

How have you found the general performance of the game and graphics, especially on busy rides?

I’m looking for a new affordable Android tablet and this one could be answer if it works well.

Mark, does the S5e have native Ant+ support or are you using a dongle and USB adapter?

The S5e has native Ant+ so no dongle or USB adapter required.

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I am looking to use a tablet for Zwift Running, utilising the Runn sensor, and maybe for the Kicker Core (ditch the laptop). Any issues using the S5e, or advice even?

I generally use my A7 rather than the S5e when on the turbo as I don’t want to damage my tablet, dropped one and they get covered in sweat unless well away from the bike. Performance wise the S5e is great for Zwift.

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Hi Leszek,

how do you install the dongle? I have the 2090. Wich App did you use?


Looking into the A7. Does anyone know if the current version (Qualcomm SM6115) is supported?


I’ll double check what processor is in mine.

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I just bought a Galaxy A7 based on the many recommendations in this thread but I cannot connect any of my devices.

When I use my PC I have no problems connecting my IC4 bike, HR monitor and Zwift RunPod. However, on my android tablet…nada.

I do know that location and Bluetooth must be ON and that Zwift must have permission to use location but what else can be the problem?

I have tried to install the Zwift app on my mobile the same thing, nothing connect.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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I’m having the same issue. Santa delivered a new Galaxy A7 and I cannot get the thing to connect to Zwift or my heart monitor. It connects all ok to a nearby Echo, so Bluetooth is working. Does anyone have any ideas?
Many thanks