Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020)

Hi Mike.
First and foremost, the Zwift app needs permission to use location on your phone but not only that, you must pick “only when the app is running” and not “always.”

That made the difference for me.


Genius! Thank you, switched it to that settings and now all paired correctly
Many thanks!


You are very welcome.

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Thanks for this tip. Santa also bought me a new A7 tablet so I didn’t have to use my tiny iPhone screen, however I spent 2 frustrating hours on boxing day trying to connect the Bluetooth! I had location permissions set to 'always" so I’m now eager to try it again tomorrow following your advice.
Another problem I also had was the sound was really distorted, any ideas on that one Lars???

I hope it’ll work for you too.

The distorted sound points at a tablet issue unless it’s only in while using Zwift.

How does it sound when you play music?

I’ve tried YouTube on the device and it’s fine. I briefly read somewhere else someone else’s A7 was distorted too and they opened up the screen recorder and although it seemed a strange way to try and resolve it, it worked! However this tablet doesn’t have that function! Anyway that’s not the biggest problem I can turn the sound off in Zwift and use my air pods for music anyway. I’m just about to give the tablet ago again :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

I would also like to thank you Lars! This solved the issue for me as well! I have noticed distorted audio as others have mentioned, I haven’t found the solution yet, but it is only a minor issue. Zwift runs just fine on the A7 thanks to your help!

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I’m also struggling with this. Santa bought me a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (SM-T220) to replace the Galaxy Tab S2 that I’ve been using successfully for some time. It’s meant as an upgrade, but not so it seems. I need Ant+ for my older PowerTap wheel power sensor. I’ve seen information about attaching an Ant+ dongle, but the Anself device that I had to hand doesn’t seem to pick up the PowerTap wheel (whereas the S2 did, once I installed the relevant Ant+ apps).

I’ve tried the Ant Tester app and it seems happy that I’ve got everything, though I’m not clear whether it tests the dongle. I suppose it could be an issue that I’m having to use a USB Micro to C adaptor to connect the cable?

And a future issue is what to do on longer rides, when I need to connect power to the tablet as well.

Progress of a kind. I tried the dongle again. The AntTester app reports that the Ant Radio Service needs the use Ant hardware permission. That doesn’t happen on my S2 where, as above, everything works fine. However, the actual permission is not visible on either tablet.

This looks increasingly like a Samsung/Android issue. There are similar reports of problems with Samsung tablets on the TrainerRoad forums. TrainerRoad support have responded with a fix however - not sure how they managed that. I only use Zwift so it’s hard to figure out more.

I’m currently looking into an Ant+/BLE bridge. There’s also a bridging app, but it needs a mobile device that does handle Ant+ (possibly via OTG), and none of mine now do. Also that app is not in the Play Store, so has to be installed directly.

Does zwift work otherwise on your A7 Lite?

Yes, as far as I can tell without being able to use it fully (no power meter), it runs well. It should do - it was OK on the much older S2.

In general, I believe, if it installs it should be OK. It definitely installs. See also comments from others in this and a linked thread.

This just saved me, too. Just got a new Spirit xt485ent treadmill and could not get my A7 or Samsung phone to connect to it with Zwift (although Kinomap was working fine). This apps permission trick fixed the issue on both my phone and A7 tablet. Many thanks, Lars!

Just bought the A7 lite galaxy tab and I’m always getting an connexion error when I’m launching zwift.
I did the trick mentionned few months ago: pick “only when the app is running” and not “always.”
But unfortunately doesn’t work for me.
Could someone can see another thing I have to do?

Thanks all !

Just an update. The CABLE Ant+/Bluetooth bridge fixes the Ant+ issue by converting sensor signals. However, the A7 really struggles with large numbers of riders, such as in the Tour de Zwift. At the start, when riders are most closely packed, they flash on and off, leaving a peloton of riderless bikes when they are off. Not as bizarre as we were getting a couple of years ago on the S2, but not great. And frame rates at other times are just about acceptable - better riding alone than in a smaller group.