Tab s7+ Will not!

Have a Samsung Tab s7+ and I know others use it for Zwift. Tried to set up my new Direto XR-T today and Zwift will not connect to it on the s7+. Trainer and Zwift work fine on Ipad Pro, and Macbook and even the Elite app will connect on the s7+ but not zwift so I know its not the trainer.

Anyone else that uses s7+ have the same problem?

Its driving me bananas!

Hi Jefferson

Have you by chance not power cycled your trainer? It could well be still be remembering it’s connection to your iPad.

I’d power cycle the trainer, disconnect the traioner from Zwift in both iPad and Mac, then run the Android Direto software on the S7 to confirm that works, then try Zwift. That may help isolalate the problem.

Oh and by the way, welcome to the forums.

Ya I power cycled the tablet and the trainer, and the tablet and the trainer. I only went to the ipad after my Samsung s7+ tablet would not connect, to rule out the trainer as the source of the issue. Just doesn’t make a lot of sense that table is Samsung’s flagship device.

OK, that exhausts my very shallow abilities to help. Hopefully someone with an s7 (seems to be a few around) will see this and offer assistance.

Solved my problem with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. Had to first do the connection as a power meter then it found my trainer and automatically connected as everything else.


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Hi, I am experiencing the same problem since the latest Zwift update. Neither my wahoo kickr or my wife’s Tacx Flux S are able to connect via Bluetooth in Zwift. I know it’s a Zwift issue as both connect on the Trainer Road platform on the S7+ tablet. Everything had been working fine up until Saturday 20 November.

Hello, i also have the same Problem. The wahoo App connects to the kickr core on my tab s7, but zwift does’nt find or connect to the kickr. Same problem also on my Samsung a32.

Hi, I reported the issue to Zwift and was advised to use a different device for a few days. Opted to use Trainer Road platform this evening, as that’s stable, but will monitor the situation and see when Zwift can fix the issue. They said it’s a known issue to them.

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Take a look at my post today. It may solve your issue.