Best Tablet experience for running Zwift

Looking at changing the device that I use to run Zwift, from my phone to a tablet. Currently run on a Note10+ but I have read numerous reports that Zwift doesn’t run very well, or often not at all, on the Samsung Tab A’s.

My set up is running Zwift on the device and then streaming that to a Google Chromecast plugged into a larger screen. My trainer is a Kickr CORE and I use the Garmin HRM-Pro which transmits on both BLE and ANT+

What tablets do people use and recommend to run Zwift on, that would fit my setup? Should have ANT+ capability, as I believe that’s a big issue with a number of newer Samsung devices.

I would prefer an android experience over iOS, but am willing to get an iPad if it’s what’s better.

How about another brand like Xiaomi, Oppo, etc etc

Or am I best just to stick to using the Note10+?

If u plug in into a larger screen, I would say AppleTV but that’s if you are patient enough with the controller…

Best experience you’ll have with a used gaming PC with Win10.

With a bit of luck you’ll find a good one on ebay that’s even cheaper than a new tablet.

The screen I plug into is a 24" PC monitor, as opposed to a TV. Does Apple TV work with monitors or only TV’s?

Also I live in NZ so no access to Ebay or Amazon. I guess another option is some sort of Mini PC with Win10… however I have issues running Zwift off my Dell XPS13 laptop, so I don’t want to be bitten again buying a windows machine where Zwift won’t run.

AppleTV has a HDMI output so it works with every device that has a HDMI input (or DVI input with HDMI adaptor), no matter if it´s a TV or a PC monitor.

I use my Apple TV on a gaming monitor. Works like a charm

I will have a look locally to see what the prices of Apple TV are like… there are several versions I think?

Does Apple TV work with ANT+ sensors?

Also, does it require a paid subscription fee as well?

Actually just looked it up, APple TV doesn’t support ANT+, so no dice on that front