Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 or Galaxy Tab S6 Lite?

Would anyone using either tablet please weigh in on how well the game runs on it? Both models were refreshed last year and I’m curious which one might be a better option – primarily planning on using the tablet to run Zwift, either with my Wahoo Kickr or my Sole TT8 treadmill.

Thanks in advance!

How’s the Bluetooth support on iPads? I recall reading that AppleTV boxes only support two Bluetooth connections, so if you need more, you have to use the Zwift Companion on your phone. Does that not apply on iPads?

That doesn’t apply to iPad/iPhone

Most devices can handle 4+ Bluetooth connections before bandwidth gets tight, depending on what you’re connecting. I think 7 might be the theoretical limit? I’ve never done so many myself.

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We have an S6 lite that we got on sale from BestBuy for $325can. Runs Zwift fine and just updated itself to Android 13. Not an apple fanboy, so never even looked

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I use the A7 and it runs fine. Makuri can occasionally stutter a little but no real loss of experience.

I guess the A8 will be as solid.

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Thanks, Jason and Stuart. I guess I’ll pick between the two and go from there. :slight_smile: