ZwiftPod Connection Issues


I recently started running on zwift and i enjoy it a lot! My current setup is a galaxy tab s6 lite and a zwift runpod. However, my issue is that 80% of the time i try to connect my tablet to the pod, zwift does not find the pod. I have tried countless things, changed the battery about three times, but no luck. I came to terms with the fact, that i probably cheaped out with my setup.
The Runpod also does not connect reliably to my phone (Pixel 7a). Just for the sake of it, i tried to use zwift on my Macbook (M2 Air) and what do you know, it works instantly without any issues. Because i do not own a treadmill and therefore have to go to the gym to use zwift, the macbook is not really an option for me.
Now for my question:
Which part of my setup do i need to upgrade? Tablet? Footpod? Both?

I have seen a lot of people having success with the stryd pod, but i dont feel like spending 200$ just to find out that this wasnt the issue. I also realize, that the samsung tablet is a bit underpowered and zwift is better supported on iPadOS.
Has anyone had a similar experience and could guide me into the right direction?
Thank you!

It could be that you are currently experiencing an issue affecting BT connectivity.

There are 2 things to try.

  1. Don’t pair on the initial pairing screen. Click skip and then on the home screen click the pairing icon.

  2. If that doesn’t work then click to change into riding mode and then back to running.

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Thank you so much! At first glance,1) seems to be actually working. I am not fully convinced yet, that this will work every time, but i guess time will have to tell.
Is this some sort of known issue which i didnt see when searching in the forum?

It is known about yes and there is a thread about it. A permanent fix is on the way, possibly in the next release in 7-10 days.

The workaround will work fine.

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Alright, thank you so much!

Absolutely my pleasure.

If time allows i have a running event every day at 9am GMT. Feel free to come along.

It’s popular amongst your fellow countrymen.

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Good spot James. Time zones still confuse me.