Polar Run Footpod

Hi there,

I newly bought a Polar Run Footpod and wanted to try it out here, but the problem is that it doesn’t show by Zwift Run. And in Bluetooth its available, but once I select my Polar Run Footpod it says an app is required which is already open. Can someone help me pelase? Thank you.

What device are you using to run Zwift?

Im using a Polar Run Grit X running watch.

Have you tried pairing through the Zwift Companion app? I always have better success pairing my Zwift Run Pod and Apple Watch with the Companion app to Zwift an iPad Mini.

I meant the device you are running Zwift on

Ahh, no haven’t tried that out yet. Seems a good idea - thanks!

Thats my Samsung Galaxy S20 Android Mobile. Which shouldn’t be a problem as its compatible.

Have you changed the location settings permission as per my other threads?

No I havent. Good suggestion! I thought the whole thing would be easy.

That should potentially sort it