Zwift footpod and Pixel 4a (Android)


Im been trying unsuccessfully to connect a new footpod to an Android phone - Pixel 4a to be precise

It wont find it from either the initial pairing screen or if I scroll through and try within the main app, when I press ‘run speed’ it just searches for ages without joy

Its definitely not paired to anything else and the battery is good, Ive done a hard reset and if I go to the BT screen in settings I can see the Footpod there although I have NOT paired it to the phone as per instructions

Annoyingly Ive switched on Apple TV, it finds it immediately and the firmware is up to date

Frustrating, anyone solved this? I cant really get my head round it

Oh, the phone is up to date and Ive even tried a new Pixel 6 too with the same endpoint
And after connecting to Apple TV this has then been switched off

Thanks in advance

What brand of footpod is it?

I would also try actually pairing it to your phone. There are certain anomalies with certain manufacturers.

Thanks, it’s the Zwift pod

Definitely try pairing it with your phone prior to Zwift.

Also is your phone Ant+ compatible?

There is no ANT+ support since Android 11 :angry::angry::angry:

I’m on Android 11 and I can connect using Ant+

Ok, seems to depend - which hardware, UI?

Just checked, I’m on 3.1 and still OK. I have a Samsung too.

That said on my previous phones I have had some strange issues with BT not working under certain conditions.

Luckily I don’t use ANT+ on my phone often to rely on it working.

I have a Google Pixel 3 and used to be able to use it effortlessly with the zwift pod. I think about 6 months ago it just stopped connecting. I’ve changed batteries in the pod, reset my phone’s Bluetooth and yelled and swore at it to no avail. So I’ve been using my work iPhone, or connecting it directly to my laptop’s Bluetooth. I’ve also used the Runcline on my iPhone when desperate, but it’s definitely not ideal as I take many walk breaks. Lol

Sorry I’m not much help, but I think it’s definitely a Pixel quirk. Also should mention my wahoo armband heart monitor connects through companion no prob.

My set up, Zwift on laptop w/HDMI to tv. Companion on Google pixel 3 with zwift pod and wahoo heart rate monitor.