Footpod Won't Connect

Sorry if this is already a post.

I have a Moto x4 with Android v9. I can run Zwift companion on it and it sees the footpod and connects to my tablet (with the Zwift app running on it) just fine. This setup works really well and is AWESOME!

But when I try to use the Zwift app on the actual phone it can’t seem to find the footpod.

I can go back and fourth between the two setups with the same results each time so it’s not and issue with the pod needing to be awoken, the internet, or Bluetooth.

Hey Sam, sorry to hear your Pod is not connecting! Can you make sure your footpods are unpaired from everything/device it could possibly be paired to, and that your Zwift companion app is force closed when you try pairing them to your phone?