Zwift Runpod compatible with Polar Vantage M?

I have a polar vantage M. But the gps accuracy is very bad. I want to buy a footpod. But I’m not sure the zwift runpod is compatible with the Polar Vantage M? I read the milestonepod was compatible ( , so I guess the zwift runpod should also be compatible? But I want to be sure… I want to be sure the pace/speed/… on the watch will be taken from the zwift runpod. Can somebody confirm this wil be the case?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nick_Van_Roey Welcome to the Zwift forums.

The Vantage M is not on the list of devices that Zwift has tested and is proven to be compatible, so we don’t have a solid yes / no answer for you.

But our experts on this have told me that as long as the app or watch supports 3rd party foot pod data via Bluetooth Smart, and you have downloaded our real-time firmware, you should be all set! When you connect the Zwift game app to the footpod, and if there’s an available firmware update, you should be prompted to download & install it.

Would you loop back and let us know if everything went smoothly?


I’m going to try Galileo settings on my watch to see if that helps to imporve accuracy. If that doesn’t help, I’ll buy the zwift runpod and I’ll let you know if it works! I also guess it should work, because polar told me that they support thrid party bluetooth footpods… But I just wanted to be sure and ask here…

Just bought the zwift runpod. I’ll let you know if it’s compatible with the vantage M

@shooj, you told me I have to update the runpod via the ‘zwift game’ app? which app is this? Can you put a link to the android playstore please? And the lastest firmware has the ‘real time’ firmware?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nick_Van_Roey
You want to use the run pod in the Zwift game, are you not? Or are you planning on using the run pod outdoors? I’m a bit confused by your comment.

Download the Zwift game app here:
After you log in, select “Run” as your activity, then pair the Runpod. If there is a firmware update available, you’ll be prompted to install it.

@shooj, I’m going to use the runpod as a footpod for my polar vantage M watch. So I want to use it for my outdoor running . And I want to use it because my gps pace/distance is not accurate at all…

Thank you for the clarification. The Zwift run pod is a sensor tuned to pair with computer devices used to run the Zwift game ecosystem, rather than the many runner’s watches and apps on the market. We offer this food pod specifically for use in-game, because nobody else does. Hope that makes sense?

There are brands that make excellent run pods primarily for outdoor use (with additional functionality in Zwift), and those will be better suited for your scenario.

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@shooj, I understand the runpod is primarily for in-game. But the milestonepad was perfect for running outdoors. I read some reviews… And I still hope the zwift runpod also is good… I’m going to test this this evening or tomorrow.

Hi there Nick
Did you ever get out to test the pairing with your Vantage?
Whats the result?

I went ahead and got me a runpod.

I paired it with my Vantage M and calibrated it for both outdoor and treadmill.
It works nice and my stride is registered and can be seen in polar flow.
Multiplying average stride x2 with cadence and running time, I get a sub 1% difference compared to the Vantage GPS measured distance.

Although if I export the training session from Flow I need to apply the stride factor myself.
It’s probably somewhere in the csv/xmp file but I did not look for it that much.