Is that tablet specifications enough for zwift?

Hello everyone,
i am new at zwift. And my cell phone is not suitable for zwift. So i decided to buy an android tablet to use zwift. I am from Turkey. IPAD is too expensive here. I am listing specs of tablet as following:

  • MT8168B 2.0GHZ QUAD core ARM CortexA53
  • Wi-Fi802.11 AC a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 5.0
    1280800 resolution
    RAM 4 GB
    storage 64 GB


In theory yes, the specs meet the Zwift requirements. Whether it shows up in the Play store is a different question, as is whether it will run nicely or not.

Are you able to post the actual tablet you’re looking at?

Those specs will probably run zwift, just about, it won’t be the best game experience

What is your budget for a tablet?

Thanks. before buy, i will use that tablet to try finding zwift app at play store.

thanks for reply. these are all specs the tablet that i want to buy:

Brand and model name: VESTEL V Tab Z1 64gb Ips 10.1’’ Tablet

  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM
  • Screen:
  • • i:IPS k
  • • Screen size:10.1"
  • • Resolution:1280 x 800
  • • 10 Points Capacitive Multi-Touch
  • Processor
  • • 4 cores
  • • processor: MT8168B 2.0GHZ QUAD core ARM Cortex-A53
  • Kamera
  • • rear camera:5 MP
  • • front camera:2 MP
  • Battery:5000 mAh
  • •Dimensions:244x172x9.2mm

And this tablet price is 1804 Turkish liras
Ipad Mini Muqw2tu/a 64 Gb 7.9" Tablet spacegrey T04406 price is 8391 Turkish liras.

Thanks for help.

If you are looking at several Android tablets I would definitely prioritize one that has native Ant+ support.

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That would limit your choice dramatically and to be honest it isn’t needed.

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That might run the game but it is a pretty low end device so I don’t think it would run very well.

if you can spend a bit more it would be worth it.

Or @Dave_ZPCMR would probably be able to advise on a PC build for not much more that would run zwift much better