Going to buy an Android tablet. Wonder if Zwift android version supports it

im going to buy a XiaoMi Pad5 5G.
I don’t know if zwift android version can run smoothly.
It seems that all the bugs repaired by zwift are reported by Apple iPad users.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 870.
Architecture process: Kryo585 architecture, 7nm process.

CPU main frequency: eight-core processor, highest main frequency 3.2GHz.
GPU: Adreno 650GPU, up to 670MHz.
Size: 11 inches.
Resolution: 2560 x 1600 WQHD+

Running memory: 8GB LPDDR5 high-speed memory.
Fuselage storage: 256GB UFS 3.1 high-speed storage.

Requirements are here.

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Ths Dave!
But i have no idea about ‘architecture’,
If this android pad “Kryo585 architecture,” compatible with
“1. arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture)” as Zwift offical Reqed?

Kyro 585 uses Cortex A77 and ■■■ cores, which are both based on the Armv8-A 64bit architecture.


For some reason the forum believes ‘A fifty-five’ is swearing and needs to be censored.

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PS: it will get Basic profile. Frame rate might be good, or might be terrible. So as for whether it’ll run ‘smoothly’, it depends on your definition of smooth and you’ll only know when you try it.


zwift works on surprisingly terrible android devices, see:

how well it works is another question - It works well on my motorola moto G 5G Plus so should be fine on this but i haven’t tried it.

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Zwift works quite well on my Mediapad M6, which is way less powerful that the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro. Even has better shadows than on my older tablet (Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, which had Snapdragon 660) - Zwift enabled higher details on more powerful tablets like the M6, Samsung Tab S7 etc, a while back (mid-2020).

So, it should run quite well.

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Did you install Zwift in Google App Store?

Due to the blockage of Internet technology and gov censorship
I can’t use the Google Store properly. (Apple Store all green :sweat_smile:)

I installed zw companion into Android cellphone through APK, downloaded from www.androidfreeware.net

Actually, I had no idea if it’s safe to install apps through APK, which downloaded wasn’t came from Google

Thank you Henk, so that it seems don’t need to worry about hardware issues

We can’t access Google app store,
Did you all install zwift in the Google Store?

I do have access to the Google Store, yes, and installed from there.

But on another tablet previously, for a few months Zwift wouldn’t update from the Google Store, so I also used an APK until that problem was fixed. From APKPure

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Yeah, i have the google play store on all my devices.

APKs are safe as long as they are from legit sources.

this site has some alternatives to the play store and I found this

I haven’t used it myself but looks ok.

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I have the Mi Pad 5 for 4 months now and the graphics are not super detailed and no shadows at all. It is not much better then my old Galaxy Tab S2. Is this due to all tablets being classed as “Basic detail profile”?