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I don’t use a computer very much and mine is quite old and not good enough for Zwift. It would be really good to see a full version as a mobile/tablet app, that would make it much more accessible. If there was I wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe. Is this something that you would consider doing or is just not possible?

Hi Nelson!

Currently not possible, but definitely planned for when the hardware is powerful enough.


Tiny screens are terrible. 

Everyone should be on Zwift with one of these.


The iPad Pro is out now.  More power and the screen is the size of a MacBook Pro

It’s close but still not quite there. I’d say the next iteration would begin to get there. For the record, the brand new Macbook, which is still more powerful than the iPad Pro, runs Zwift rather poorly.

Is there a way to run Zwift on the iPad with the screen effects turned down?  Like a PC with onboard video and 1 gig of RAM?


Apple demos the new iPad’s paying very intense 3D games so I am not sure if Apple is lying and that is just a video playing or Zwift developers are using a VERY old OpenGL library that cannot be accelerated on mobile devices.

Are the latest Android tablets good enough? 



The developers need to make sure the game can be played so they get as many paying customers as possible.  The goal is not to see how many graphics features can be enable on a $1,000 Titan X.  I want to spend money on my bike not on video game hardware that I pitch every year to buy a faster video card, power supply, motherboard, ram, CPU or SSD to pay Zwift.

I would be happier if it played on a console like Playstation as that would be stable for a few years before I have to pitch it. 


How about making the current Zwift mobile app more iPad friendly.  Being able to change the display mode to landscape would be great with the case/stand I have.

Hmm - the iPad Air 2 and Pro are plenty powerful to run games and other simulations.  I’d suggest that the fact they are running Zwift poorly (presumably in internal tests) could be to do with the way it has or hasn’t been optimised for these devices.  Comparing to the MacBook (@Eric C.) does not make much sense since these are completely different O/S’s and architectures, and saying the next gen of iPad “Will begin to get there” is not very encouraging - I guess that means you are thinking 2 years down the line?

Anyway your shout, but like the original poster I won’t be subscribing until it’s available and will keep my TrainerRoad subscription instead.  I have powerful Windows and Mac computers that run Zwift well enough, but the iPad is a whole lot more convenient for setup in my “pain cave”, not only to run the software but also to project or hook up to AirPlay; and it is (in my case) a whole lot more reliable when connecting to Power Meter / Cadence and HR over Bluetooth.

I’d like to +1 for making the Zwift mobile app work better with iPad, especially supporting landscape mode. I’d be happy with that. I have a Tacx Bushido Smart with the tablet mount and the mount only works with the iPad in landscape mode. I’d be happy if the current mobile app just had a landscape layout, I don’t mind running the lower-res iPhone app on the iPad, but it won’t orient to landscape mode so the only way to use it is sideways.

No reason to have a cut down UI - even something simple like the RacemyGhost app to show on an ipad or even iphone screen - cut the app down to meet the hardware capability. Then we don’t have to fight over the laptop.

I find the claim that the iPad Pro is too slow to run Zwift very unlikely.  Its more reasonable to say that the Zwift app itself isn’t written well enough to run properly on the device. 

Any updates on this? Having Zwift running on an iPad or the Apple TV would definitely be a great feature, even if it is with the graphics set to a lower standard.

Hi Laurens,

We have no updates at this time. If we do we will be sure to let everyone know about it :slight_smile:

Hi Eric,

If, in the future, you are looking for beta testers I have an iPad Pro available.  ;-)



Hah! *If* anything happens of course :slight_smile:

I have signed up as a beta tester - hopefully will get selected.

This is my challange too. I will not sign up until the app runs on an ipad. Having to use my iphone to communicate to my macbook to use Zwift is insane and doesnt work that well. Crapy user experience and architecture. Cant wait though if the ipad version works! I use Traininer Road for now and it works great for good basic power based training.