It’s time!

Now I hear you think, “for what?”.

I’ve been running Zwift on my 15” 2015 MacBook Pro hooked up on a egpu and an external monitor. And that looks and runs great, no bad words on that whatsoever!
BUT, we are standing before a new area. Silicon.

That’s right, M1 and M2 chipsets from apple. As we move forward I think after more than a year its time M1 (and M2) devices get a better profile that’s makes use of the power of those chips.
Not only on the Mac but also on the iPad. The market of devices running these chips is flooding.

Next to that I hope and call on the developers to give the (M1) iPads the feature to use Zwift full screen on external displays.
With iPadOS 16 coming up this leads the way of using my iPad for 99% of all my “computer” related tasks.

I have been playing around with external displaysupport on my iPad Pro M1 as of iPadOS16 beta 2.
And as of yesterdays 16.1 beta 1 Zwift only needs to enable 16:9 (and other) resolutions for it to be perfect (besides the profile).


Dear Zwift development team,

It is time!

Thanks for all your hard work over the last years and I’m looking forward to moving forward to an iPad only lifestyle.