Using a tablet like instead of a computer?

(Shane Carbonneau) #1

As you start to open up the roads of Zwift to Mac users, it made me wonder whether one would eventually be able to use Zwift with a tablet like an iPad. I currently will use my iPad with other apps like Trainer Road and the wahoo kickr app. I don’t know the hardware differences between a computer and a tablet, but perhaps there are graphics card differences that might prevent using a table. Are there plans for Zwift to be run using a tablet?

(Scott) #2

Tablet specs are getting better. It’s on our radar. Fall/ Winter 2016?

(Aaron Hughes) #3

Definitely being able to use a tablet or other iOS device would be awesome. You could in theory then AirPlay it to a tv that has an AppleTV, now THAT would be slick!

(Al Clewley) #4

You can already AirPlay Zwift from your MacBook/Mac to Apple TV, as I am already doing to my home theater! Large TV experience and surround sound. If you’re lucky enough to have a projector, I suspect that would tick the slick box!

(Markus Anderson) #5

6 months later, any update to this?  I’m looking to upgrade my computer hardware, but would prefer just to spend the money on a new iPad Air 2 or iPad PRO.

(Tim Corso) #6

I’m interested in this also, like Markus I am about to update my Mac and iPad devices and would love to run Zwift on an iPad Air 2. So any news? This year/next year/further out??

(C Indy) #7

Any update on this?

(Steve Farries ) #8

Hi Zwift, do you have an updat on this? When can I buy an iPad pro to run Zwift from and stop using my clunky gaming laptop?