Swapping to an iPad fro MacBook


Been using Zwift since Beta days on a MacBook Pro. But my daughter decided to spill tomato soup over it and now looking to replace it.

Looking to purchase an iPad Pro (10.5) and use this and also use it for Zwift. I have a controllable trainer and also a power meter.

How has everyone found Zwift on an iPad?
I take it I can also use my trainer and power meter (both Bluetooth) at the same time for power l?

Or would you purchase another MacBook Pro (albeit it was mainly used for Zwift and Star Stable!


Some devices only allow up to a certain number of simultaneous Bluetooth connections (we’ve heard of a 3 limit max on certain devices), but just a power meter and smart trainer will be fine.

While we don’t publicly share benchmarks, the fan-run site, Zwiftalizer, does have some data it’s collected and you can get an idea of what performance you’d see on an iPad Pro.

Hope this helps!

I have a gaming PC and laptop that both run Zwift well but don’t use them at all any more.  I’m only Zwifting on an iPad Pro(9.7 and now 10.5) with a Tacx Neo.

IPads are easy to pop into a stand in front of me, within arms reach, and love being able to touch the screen to control everything.  Easy to tap a riders name and give them a Ride On etc. I also love that I can have Netflix running on the corner(picture in picture) of the iPad screen while I’m Zwifting.  It really makes the time fly by.  

I vote for the IPad as long as it can do all the other computing tasks that you need your iPad or MacBook to do…