Mobile App without Laptop

Would it be possible to bring zwift to Ipad without the need for the laptop? Would be ideal as i work away from home a lot with easy reach to a Wattbike in the gym but no real location to put the laptop (can get quite busy)?

Hi Graeme.

From the posts I’ve previously seen on this topic it looks unlikely for a long time yet.

  • The website seemed to insinuate this was coming in 6 months. But other comments seem to contradict this.
  • I’ve seen comments claiming that Zwift can’t run on an iPad / other tablets due to graphics power.  Whilst I believe this not to be the case with modern iPads I can see that many older and cheaper devices may indeed have issues / make support very tough.
  • The team is only small and this is a big development.
  • Other enhancements are ahead on the priority.  Hopefully letting us choose Watopia and designing more courses are amoungst them :wink:

I’d personally love this too so I could work on Zwift whilst watching TV but I think it will be a pipedream for a long time.

Hi Andrew,

It’s not just graphics capability that is a bottleneck on tablets. It’s not for lack of desire (or ability) but the hardware just isn’t there yet and trying to convert Zwift as it exists to a tablet would be a monumental task.

However there are some keen developments happening this year to tablets that are very promising :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to run Zwift on my tablet. I have a sony Z4 which packs a 2K dsiplay, Snapdragon CPU with GPU and Ant+…granted not all tablets are created equally but it would be awesome to run it without a laptop :slight_smile:

I haven’t tested, but *should* work on a Surface Pro 3/4 from Microsoft.  That thing is basically a laptop without a built-in keyboard.

It runs flawlessly on a Surface Pro 3 and 4 I have both.

Sounds good, only problem is, I am not planning on spending another £500+ to use the software away from the house when i already have a ipad tablet… maybe one day