Mobile App without Laptop

(Graeme Clyne) #1

Would it be possible to bring zwift to Ipad without the need for the laptop? Would be ideal as i work away from home a lot with easy reach to a Wattbike in the gym but no real location to put the laptop (can get quite busy)?

(Andrew Jarrod) #2

Hi Graeme.

From the posts I’ve previously seen on this topic it looks unlikely for a long time yet.

  • The website seemed to insinuate this was coming in 6 months. But other comments seem to contradict this.
  • I’ve seen comments claiming that Zwift can’t run on an iPad / other tablets due to graphics power.  Whilst I believe this not to be the case with modern iPads I can see that many older and cheaper devices may indeed have issues / make support very tough.
  • The team is only small and this is a big development.
  • Other enhancements are ahead on the priority.  Hopefully letting us choose Watopia and designing more courses are amoungst them :wink:

I’d personally love this too so I could work on Zwift whilst watching TV but I think it will be a pipedream for a long time.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Andrew,

It’s not just graphics capability that is a bottleneck on tablets. It’s not for lack of desire (or ability) but the hardware just isn’t there yet and trying to convert Zwift as it exists to a tablet would be a monumental task.

However there are some keen developments happening this year to tablets that are very promising :slight_smile:

(T He Fastest Flump) #4

I would love to be able to run Zwift on my tablet. I have a sony Z4 which packs a 2K dsiplay, Snapdragon CPU with GPU and Ant+…granted not all tablets are created equally but it would be awesome to run it without a laptop :slight_smile:

(Nate Kemp MNSTRS🚴🏽545) #5

I haven’t tested, but *should* work on a Surface Pro 3/4 from Microsoft.  That thing is basically a laptop without a built-in keyboard.

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #6

It runs flawlessly on a Surface Pro 3 and 4 I have both.

(Graeme Clyne) #7

Sounds good, only problem is, I am not planning on spending another £500+ to use the software away from the house when i already have a ipad tablet… maybe one day