Full support for Android tablets

I haven’t used Zwift much because it requires a PC to use it.  If there was an Android tablet version it would be easy to put the tablet on a bike book holder or music easel and interact with Zwift.  Using it with a laptop is not fun.

Surely modern Android tablets and iOS tablets have the power to run Zwift?

Hi Bill,

We do plan on having a dedicated tablet application sometime later this year (or, at least, look into it) but you’d be surprised at how much power Zwift takes to run properly! It’s not just the graphics, either - there are many other considerations at play and tablets, while definitely more powerful than they ever have been, are still wanting in comparison to even older PCs.

We’ll definitely let everyone know when it comes, however!

Thanks Eric! 

Any update? easier to get an ipad/android tablet around then a laptop or dektop

When does the android app comes out. Thought you run it on my Samsung s2 9.7" tablet nut see now that it only works for pc or Apple.