Zwift on Android

Can zwift now be used on android?

As of right now only the Zwift Mobile Link can be used on Android.

The actual experience is much better for laptops than tablets (IOS). A minimum intel i3 with a dedicated graphical card is recomended. That can be quite inexpensive laptop and you have the software stability of a desktop OS. 

Don’t wait for a Android version of Zwift, start having fun today. I got 15.000km already riden and it is quite fun and challenging. 

My laptop is too old and the software is outdated for Zwift.Problem is with the graphics card.I just dont want to buying new laptop just for zwift.

Search information about tunning Zwift graphics down (Zwift ini editing). I get Zwift working in a low end laptop (I5 HD520 i think). But Zwift uses a lot of Graphic Card.

Not yet. But hopefully soon!

I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, running at medium setting of 720p. All my sensors (all Wahoo) go the the Zlink app and Wahoo utility. No issues. Sometimes run it on my 4k 50in TV no issues. No need for a laptop upgrade, though I would like the app to search for sensors and keep them engaged so i don’t have to always wake them up. 


  • Tickr X
  • Kickr X
  • Wahoo Cadence 
  • Wahoo Mini