zwift mobile now in google playstore...

As the title states you can find zwift for android devices in playstore. No need to use pc or laptop keyboard etc.I have a samsung gs5 and app runs great.I have also made a bike mount for it using a cheap silicone case and stuck to the back a garmin mount so i can use it like a bike computer on my outfront garmin mount.

I would upload a few pics but dont know how to…

I bought a sram/garmin adapter that enables older garmins to be mounted to new style mounts and some 3m double sided from fleebay and had to file doen the mount to make it flat snd then stick it to the back of the cheap case.Works perfectly and will cost about 10 gbp all in.

Or you can buy a smart phone bike mount and use that but i have enve carbon aero bars so dont want them scratched etc.

I tried it this morning but I couldn’t get it to work. When I launch it w/o Zwift running on my PC I just see a list of riders currently riding (is that right?). I then tried launching it while I was riding and it crashed, then on re-launch said it couldn’t find IP address (or something similar). I don’t have WiFi by my zwift PC … is that needed for the app to communicate w/Zwift?

Brian i think you need to have your android device on the same wifi network as zwift is running on your pc or laptop.You will need to have zwift running on your pc or laptop for the mobile app to start showing all rider data etc.It realky is a usefull app it means i dont have to keep leaning so far forward to hit keys etc on my laptop.

Thanks Jeff. I’ll try and find another router to add to my pain cave to extend the WiFi out there …

Cannot use on my phone this requires 4.1 and up . I only have 4.0.4 on my phone .

Zwift Android App requires NO SPECIAL PERMISSIONS
and that is awesome.

Downloaded the app myself, and all I can see is “Take a sneak peek at who’s riding”. No statistics for my own ride. How long did it take for the Android app to switch from this list of users mode into the controls for riding?

Note: for my problem, my PC is not wireless, but is on the same LAN as the phone.

Your PC has to be on the same Wifi Network. So I am guessing the wired computers will not work, but I am just guessing.
Using the Android App, the rider list switches over to the Stats Dashboard within 2-3 seconds. Then there are the three screens to scroll through (Dashboard, Action Buttons, Messaging).

Works now. PC is connected to a 24-port Gigabit switch, which is connected to a D-Link Wi-Fi Gigabit Access Point (DAP-1650). The phone is Wireless-N connected to that.

Works well, actually. :slight_smile:

Just installed a router out in my pain cave (PC was just hard-wired before … now hard-wired AND WiFi available out there). Tried the android app this morning and it worked great! Only downside I could see was some serious battery drain 1hr. ride took me from ~95% down to about 60% (samsung galaxy s4 - android 4.4.2). Does everyone else’s display on the phone stay on the whole time? I manually turned off the display about 1/2 way through to see if that would help.

I do not leave the screen on the whole time. All my stats are also on the game. So I leave the Zwift app running in on my phone but turn the phone screen off. Then when I click the power button as I normally do for my phone to come one, the Zwift app is there if I need it. Only once on my 75min ride did the Zwift app disconnect and I had to log back in. I so no more battery drain that normal.
Most of the time I am riding, I am not needing the app, so no reason to leave the phone screen on.

Galaxy S III , just finishes 2.:30 hr ride with screen on , Mobile Data off , Battery saver mode . Drew battery down 70% .

One thing that was really nice was being able to use google to do the voice-to-text conversion in the group chat text field. Much easier than trying to type.