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(DEC SHILTON 5111 KISS (D)) #1

I’m new to zwift but I only seem to be able to get the actual riding / gaming screen on the zwift app on my iPhone where the screen is just too small to read all the stuff that’s going on.
I’ve got zwift mobile link on the same phone and my android tablet but from what I can see there is no actual riding on there ,??
I’m obviously being daft so could someone point out how I can see the action on a bigger screen either using my Samsung tablet or my windows laptop?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Dec,

Zwift is not currently released for Android, so only the Mobile Link exists there.

You can run Zwift from your laptop by following these instructions here:

Ride On!

(michael ayap) #3

You can use your pc to cast your screen into your tablet.