Mobile Link app running on Bluestacks (win 10)

I have Windows 10 laptop with a huge external screen which I use for zwifting. I got the idea that I should run the Mobile Link app on the laptop screen for dashboard and messaging and thus free up the Zwift screen for an uncluttered view of the world.

I installed Bluestackswhich allows me to run Android apps on windows and went through the setup (it was really not complicated). Installing the Mobile Link app was also straighforward. It is now kind of working and I am able access my account, look at events and activities.

But the Mobile Link app does not detect that Zwift is running - i.e. the app will not switch to Game-mode.

Does anyone know how to make the Mobile Link app on a setup like this detect that I am Zwifting?

I think the issue is you cannot run the Zwift app and the Zwift Mobile Link on the same device and have them link. The link/connection between the 2 needs to be done over Wifi. 

I remember someone else trying something similar on an iOS device and Zwift says that it will not work to have both the Zwift app and the ZML running and connected on the same device.

You should also reach out to the Zwift Coders group on Face book. 

Do you have an iOS/Android phone T?