zwift on android

Hello Everybody,


new on zwift and i was wondering if you can see the game screen (cyclists) on your android phone. I have the mobile zwift app on my phone but that only shows stats and riders nearby.

thnx for all feedback


No; Zwift is a PC/Mac only application.


That said; an iPhone/iPad release is coming in a few weeks time. And Zwift have said that once this is released they’ll start looking at Android support - however I wouldn’t hold your breath, they may decide it’s not worth doing.

I would recommend targeting nvidia shield for an android port (both tablet and console).  They have the graphics muscle to pull it off.

I work for NVIDIA in the SHIELD team, have tried to contact Zwift to work with them on a port for the Android TV, Alas no response. 

SHIELD TV is the perfect product to run Zwift.  

It’s not a perfect solution, but spacedesk let you use your Android screen as a second screen for your Windows pc, that way you can have zwift at your handlebar. That my solution for now.