Mobile App without Laptop

(Graeme Clyne) #1

Would it be possible to bring zwift to Ipad without the need for the laptop? Would be ideal as i work away from home a lot with easy reach to a Wattbike in the gym but no real location to put the laptop (can get quite busy)?

(Alwin Docter) #2



(Mark Hewitt) #3

As I understand it there’s no plans to make an iPad version of Zwift. It may come out eventually, but as it is it’s PC/Mac only

(Todd Taylor) #4

I think the problem is one of hardware, not software.  iPads and most other tablets have mobile processors and relatively puny graphics capabilities that aren’t capable of running a graphics-intensive application like Zwift.  While the programmers at Zwift ~might~ be able to make a mobile version, it won’t make most users happy because of hardware limitations.

If you want to run Zwift and maintain the tablet form-factor, you might consider a Microsoft Surface because it’s actually spec’ed more like a laptop than a mobile device.

From PC Magazine, a comparison of the iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface 4:

“The Surface Pro 4 has the guts of a laptop, whereas the iPad Pro is still just a tablet, albeit one with the latest, fastest Apple chip.”,2817,2493173,00.asp

The Surface is more comparable to a MacBook Air than an iPad:,2817,2492661,00.asp