Tablet Mode

I run Zwift on a Surface Pro 3.  It is mounted on an arm such that it is suspended in front of me as I ride but it is not connected to its keyboard. Since it is running the PC version of Zwift but has no keyboard, I am unable to access several Zwift features, such as U-turns, camera angles, group messages, etc. unless I separately connect a phone.  

It appears you have worked out a touch screen only GUI for iPads.  Perhaps you might find your way clear to create a similar GUI for PC tablets. 

Thanks in advance,


My suggestion is to use the mobile app along with your Surface Pro.  It includes the features you are looking for.  I’ve used it for a PC, a  Mac, and now with Apple TV, it works flawlessly.  It eliminates the need for a mouse and keyboard.  It will pop up with a keyboard when making comments; works in iOS and Android.  

With the huge number of options users have for hardware on Swift, I doubt they would invest much resources for PC tablets, I’d think it’s a small % since generally users will be using something with more GPU power.  It’s amazing they they are across the platforms they support.