iPad (and other touch devices): Free Camera

With Zwift’s increasingly detailed environments and encouragement to explore, including the addition of features to turn off the UI entirely - I sure find it hard to look around. iOS devices support a handful of camera ‘modes’ to tab through, but none of them let me quickly or freely rotate my view.

It’s fairly common for games on touch devices to let you rotate the camera around your character by swiping on the screen. I’d like to have the ability to do that in Zwift.

For what it’s worth, this capability is already available with PC and Mac. I’m not sure what the exact limitation is with iOS/tvOS/Android devices, but I’m guessing it’s a lack of available ‘keys’ to use. I would love to have this ability, though, for sure. Maybe drop the Ride On/I’m Toast/Hammer Time buttons from the Companion app and add something there, like a virtual trackball.

Yeah, haven’t used Zwift on a PC, but I’ve heard of the additional camera options. From what I understand they are controlled with keys like you describe (almost as if controlling a drone cam), but I feel as though a touch device like iPad would more intuitively tie camera to finger swipes/dragging on the screen.

The bulk of the touch surface is not currently used for anything, and it would emulate more of a ‘mouse-look’ experience in a PC game. Really you should be able to do it within any of the preset views. The world feels oddly rigid without it.