Zwift with IPad

When using Zwift with an IPad. Would have to Bluetooth the trainer, Heart rate, thinking bout a keyboard and mouse both Bluetooth, will that all connect fine and not lag? Also with all those Bluetooth, I won’t get drop outs. Would use my IPhone for Bluetooth headphones all that stuff right beside each other it won’t interfere? Thanks.

I am not using keyboard and mouse, so can’t comment on that. But I ride with iPad and it’s connected to the trainer and HRM. Phone and headset separately, phone also running Companion.

No dropouts, except for my legs during certain intervals! :blush:

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Do u stream or cast iPad to a bigger TV ?

I ran Zwift exclusively on a 12.9" iPad Pro for over two years and found it more than satisfactory. I normally had it mounted on a stand in front of my handlebars but in easy reach, and close enough to see everything perfectly fine without feeling the need for a larger screen. Using Companion running on an iPhone mounted on a Quad Lock stem mount, I never needed to type words on the iPad screen, just tap on the iPad screen for the basics and use the iPhone for any actual written communications.

I did try pairing a full-size bluetooth keyboard instead of the iphone, for typing chat messages during rides, but found it more of a hassle than anything else, so went back to thumbing in messages on the phone. Again, no need for a mouse, since the touch screens allow you to do everything that you’d need in that respect.

In all that time riding (roughly 250 km on Zwift per week over 2+ years), I had only two significant Bluetooth dropouts in total. So, no problems using a trainer, separate cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, steering (Elite Sterzo Smart) and earphones all on Bluetooth.
The beauty of that experience was that it was really hassle-free. I could switch on the trainer, open Zwift, attach the phone to the stem, and be riding in Watopia, all in under a minute.
(Reading on these Forums what some people go through with various set-ups, I wonder if I’m just very lucky or whether others aren’t, or whether there are certain habits that keep things running smoother. Habits like powering down the trainer when not using it, hard-closing the Zwift app after a ride, keeping OS and firmware up to date, not running loads of other apps in the background on devices at the same time, etc., etc.)

Now, if you’re talking about using an iPad to run Zwift but at a physical distance from you on the bike such that you have to use a separate keyboard, mouse and screen… it’s probably not the device for your needs. The iPad only has the basic graphics profile, too, so a PC with the right specs will give you a far better visual experience, probably with less financial outlay (if you don’t own the iPad already).
I have never cast Zwift on the iPad to a larger screen as I didn’t feel the need.

I’m currently running an Apple TV for Zwift, simply to experiment with running a 27" screen. This is better in some respects – and much cheaper if you already own a large screen and haven’t already bought the iPad – but I would happily go back to using the iPad instead. The ATV has its limitations (using a touch screen is more immediate and ergonomic than the Apple Remote; you need to bridge the Bluetooth connections with ATV if you want to have more than two devices paired alongside the Apple Remote), but it is reasonably affordable and gives a wider screen aspect ration than the iPad’s 4:3.
(I’m now toying with the idea of building a dedicated Zwift PC to see what the ultra profile graphics add to the overall experience, but am in no hurry. It won’t change the experience in my legs or lungs, so it’s all just extras.)


I run mine iPad only. No idea how to interact on a screen removed from me. Plus I do training most of the time, just the occasional group ride or something like TdZ for some change of scenery/recovery, so interaction is limited as is.