Lenovo m10 Bluetooth dropping

Hey folks just wondered peoples thoughts are as I’ve just purchased myself a new tablet to run Zwift on as my old iPad died.
I have purchased a Lenovo m10 3rd gen but I am having connectivity issues with the Bluetooth keeps dropping connection from my tacx trainer and also my garmin hr monitor. The Zwift programme is running absolutely fine on the Lenovo tablet it’s just the Bluetooth issues.
Thought I’d save myself a few quid by going for the Lenovo tablet and not another iPad or just do I bite the bullet and go for another iPad.
If I use my iPhone to connect with Zwift and my trainer and he monitor I don’t have any issue or dropouts on my iPhone :man_shrugging:t3:

From a past reply I’ve made:

If you have a device already, OK, try using that. If you’re buying a device for Zwift, don’t bother with Android - it’s never going to be as smooth an experience as an iPad.

You could try pairing via the Companion app, which would use your phone’s Bluetooth and relay the signal to Zwift via WiFi.