Lenovo Tab M10, will it work with Zwift?

It looks like my existing old Android tablet (Android 6.0) is now no longer supported by Zwift, it doesn’t seem to be getting any more updates. I’m thinking of buying a Lenovo M10 tablet, but just wanted to confirm that it will work with Zwift. It has a Snapdragon 450 which I think is the same for the Lenovo P10, another post says the P10 is Zwift compatible. TIA

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Ive just brought one. the app works but I cant get my garmin sensors to pair with it via the ant+ been trying for the past 3 hours now

Ah, that’s useful information, thanks for the reply. So presumably you had to get an ant+ dongle, as I wouldn’t have thought the tablet would support ant+ out of the box?

ive been told I need to change my router to wpa2psk for it to accept it. still trying this out.

I’ve just purchased the P10 to use with Zwift and a classic trainer.

App works no problem, doesn’t connect to my Garmin Ant+ speed / cadence sensors but connects straight away to my Bluetooth speed sensor.

Looks like is if using the P10 you’ll need Bluetooth sensors for speed / cadence / heart rate monitors

So the M10 works fine? Trying to decide between M10 and P10

Yes, I’ve now got the M10 and it works fine. Using bluetooth to pair with Elite Direto trainer and a wahoo tickr heart rate monitor. I think these are going quite cheap in Argos if you are in the UK https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7660869 although they weren’t in stock at the time and I got one from Amazon.