Lenovo Tab P11 plus

Hello, could you please let me know if you are able to use zwift app on a lenovo Tab P11 Plus? Just bought one can download the app however unable to set up the sensors.

Hi @Dora_Ordog-Karli

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What sensors are you trying to pair. How are you pairing

make sure you have allowed location permission, bluetooth is enabled via location for some reason.

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@Dora_Ordog-Karli were you able to use Zwift on your Lenovo Tab P11 Plus? I am in need of a new device to use for Zwift

My dad has this tablet and uses it for Zwift so it should be fine.

Thanks for the response. Looking at either Lenovo Tab P11 Pro or Samsung Tab A8 since both are closely priced. Didn’t realize Apple TV 4K was on sale during Amazon Prime Day :frowning:

My mum has the A7 and that works OK for zwift but not amazingly smoothly. Not tried the A8 though.

Heart rate monitor kalenji

We are still trying to connect. Just left it the last couple of weeks and was using my old samsung phone. Now will try again as old phpne is not working from 1st of August.

Are they both bluetooth sensors?

some older Samsung phones had ANt+ built in so might have connected to that but not on something that is bluetooth only.

We managed to connect the tablet with Zwift. It is really good especially after the old samsung phone. Unfortunately somehow the hisense tv unable to see the tablet but I will use now just the tablet.

Hello, managed to connect so happy about it!

Great to hear! The iPad I’m using won’t be compatible starting Aug 1 :frowning: , so looking at other options right now.

I liked it today and also the screen is quite big. Now I am just looking for a holder what I can put it on to the bike

Not sure what you are targeting when you say “on the bike”, but I just recently purchased a music stand from Amazon. Someone tipped me off on that trick and it is perfect. They seem to work great for tablets and can find them for less than $20.

Great idea! Thank you for the tip.

The Lenovo p11 plus works great with the schwinn 800ic!

Hi I am lookimg at the Lenovo tablet to use with zwift rather than throigh screencasting to the tv from my phone. The tablet you have sounds perfect as i have looked at the specs but i can’t see if it has ANT+. Does everything work on it like the cadence and speed? I am not very tech savvy and thiight i need a tablet with this for everything to work.


It doesn’t have Ant+ so you would need to connect via bluetooth.

You can get ant+ to work but you’d need a USB-c to USB adapter and an Ant+ dongle and to download some apps



(not sure if all of those are actually needed but can’t hurt!)

I don’t mean to talk you out of the tablet, but if screencasting doesn’t perform well, you may also have the option to connect the phone to the TV with an HDMI cable.