Lenovo Tab P11 plus

Chris would everything work over bluetooth lile cademce and speed amd resistance?

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Paul i would have to buy a tv as i am moving where i use the bike and am looking at ither options too. It will be in a garage amd i have always experienced drop outs when screencasting

Sorry I appreciate this topic has been rumbling on a while now, but I have been reading for a few weeks so thought I would update.

I have bought the Lenovo P11 Plus, but the 6GB RAM version, which works very well on Zwift. Not having any frame rate or lag issues.

Haven’t tried connecting any sensors yet though!

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I am using with the sensors without a problem

Sorry for the delay replying.

Yes they will all work fine.
If you’re using your trainer for everything (power, cadence and controllable) pair it as power first and the rest should automatically select (if not add them manually)
If you’re using separate sensors for power and cadence you have to first connect the trainer as power, then it’ll show up as controllable, then go back and select your power meter as power and then your cadence sensor.

let me know if you have any issues and i’ll do my best to help.

Hi Chris

thank you so much , this is all so confusing for me! I think i am going to purchase the lenovo 11 plus amd hope i can get all the information via Bluetooth onto the tablet as i am just so confused about the ANT+ device as i keep reading you need to use one?

You don’t need to use Ant+ it should all work fine over bluetooth. I actually find bluetooth more reliable and reacts better to changes in gradient so would recommend it

That is famtastoc to hear. Thank you so much for your help

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If you have any issues give me a shout.

Thanks Chris you are a star!

Hello Sue, i am using everything without any problem. Really happy with the purchase hope you will find the same.

Brilliamt!!! I will be buyimg it then! You have all been really helpful thanks

Hi alli just got a Lenovo Tab 11 Pro Gen 2 which should be a lot more powerful than the P11 plus and Zwift looks and runs really poorly . If I had to guess sub 30fps and like 5-6fps in large crowds. It also appears to look lower resolution for some reason. Coming from 6 year old Huawei tablet with android 8 which seems really odd.

Interesting, I very nearly grabbed one from Amazon for ~£250 yesterday (for a portable tablet to web browse that could also run Zwift), in a daily deal. Hopefully you get some positive suggestions.

Zwift is a 3D game.

Just because you can run it on something doesn’t mean you should.

Try uploading a Zwift log to zwiftalizer.com from each of your tablets and compare results from similar rides (same route and crowding level)

EDIT oh I guess that would be tough with the Huawei being on Android 8 so that must not have current Zwift. But if logs are still there it might be interesting to see what you were experiencing before

My dad has last years version of this tablet and runs zwift fine (I know fine is subjective)

It’s not unusual for revisions of Android tablets to go backwards in terms of specs, unfortunately. They’re not designed for complex 3D games, is my point. I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of people buying it won’t be complaining that 3D graphics performance seems lower than they’d like.