Which Tablet

I am looking at getting a tablet for Zwift. Don’t need anything fancy, it will only be used for Zwift.

I have seen the below ones. Any thoughts?

So it won’t let me post links. Any ideas how to post links?

You should be able to post links now.

Here are the ones I found

Are you going to only use it for zwift or do you want it to do other stuff too?

My dad has the Lenovo p11 and i think that works quite well.

I have a Teclast P20 HD and it struggles - specs aren’t everything when it comes to android, if they aren’t optimised to run apps they can be really stuttery (is that a word?!) and they get worse with each update/new world so i’d be careful with lower spec’d or “no name” brands.

Just Zwift and perhaps Youtube now and again.

Thanks for your advice, A few of those above don’t even have reviews so I am leaning towards the Lenovo

If you can stretch to the p11 it is quite an upgrade and has a bigger and better screen which will help both YouTube and zwift

Thanks, that is a good shout. I have seen the P11 Pro at less than £200 and the normal one at £209 so I will compare.

if you can get the pro for that price it is a no brainer!

i’d recommend getting the 6gb version if you go for the normal one, it helps zwift run better and will future proof it a bit better too.

I have the Moto G 5G Plus (6GB version) and that runs zwift as well as anything I have tried so anything with specs comparable or better should be fine.

Sorry my bad, it was the plus model

I just picked up a Lenovo P11 to replace my problematic underpowered PC tablet. It downloaded Zwift no problem. And the app started up fast. However, Zwift doesn’t see any signals (Heart rate monitor, power meter, cadence, controllable). However, when I go into settings and check Bluetooth devices they are all there. The connection screen for Zwift shows it’s searching for both Bluetooth and Ant+.

they should not be there, remove them from the laptop Bluetooth devices.

They aren’t connected. Just shown as available devices.

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I just unboxed a new P11 this afternoon. Zwift will not see Bluetooth or ANT+ signals from my trainer. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

What trainer do you have?

With my phone if I go into bluetooth settings my trainer is there but won’t connect, that’s not how I am supose to connect…

When I go into the app it finds and connects to the Bluetooth straight away. What happens when you go into the app?

Have you used android before?

Firstly make sure Bluetooth is turned on and that you grant location access (android needs this for Bluetooth to work with apps)

Make sure nothing else is paired to the trainer.

Don’t connect the tablet to the trainer just load the zwift app and pair it in there (if you have previously make sure you forget the trainer from your Bluetooth settings)

The tablet doesn’t have ant+ so unless you have a usb dongle it won’t find any ant+ signals.

You have to pair the trainer as a power source first, once this is done you can then select it as controllable as well, not sure why but it doesn’t show under controllable until it is selected for power.

That should do it.

Yes. I’m a veteran Android user. Android phones for years and Android Auto in my truck. Lenovo suport was miserable. I returned the P11 Plus to Amazon and ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

I have the Stages SB20 Bike. I’m on my third or fourth support ticket with Stages and I have to say I would not recommend it to anyone else. I’ve tried running it on two different laptop PCs, a tablet PC, and my Android Galaxy S10 phone. The performance is the same with all. Zwift runs fine on all, but there is little to no resistance and even though the gears shift, there is no change in resistance.

Have you tried the QZ app?

QZ app? What’s that?