New tablet Xiaomi Redmi Pad vs Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen)

Hi all!

Can you please give me some advise on Xiaomi Redmi Pad and/or Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen) ?

I would like try out Zwift by mounting a screen on my hometrainer (Flow Fitness Perform B3i Ergometer). It would not like to use a TV or monitor. The budget I am thinking about is 200-300 euro. Perhaps in a later stage, if I actually keep doing it:-), I will build a dedicated solution.

I come to the conclussion that an android tablet it the most pradtical in price/performance. However, I am a bit scared by the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A not being supported. I would like to prevent the scenario of spending money first and afterwards find out if it will work. Unfortunately the Android Supported devices does not seem to have been maintained anymore.

The Helio G99 chipset seems resonably in price vs performace, so I come to this shortlist:

Xiaomi Redmi Pad, 4GB ram
Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen) (4 or 6GB ram)

However, I cannot find whether or not Zwift actually runs on these devices. Or whether or not I should expect 5fps or 120 fps :slight_smile:

The tablet will primarily be used for Zwift and, perhaps, other virtual cycling apps.

Can you please advise? Any alternatives are highly appreciated.

Thank you!

PS: I tried to post some deeplinks to the manifacturers, but I am not allowed to…

All the tablets you mention will only give you the basic profile.

For your budget you could purchase a dedicated desktop computer with a graphics card capable of running the Ultra profile.

The difference between basic and ultra is unbelievable.

You could get a tv stand to sit in front of your trainer.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is old and no longer a product. The latest is the Galaxy Tab A8. That does run Zwift but doesn’t have Ant+ as default.

The A7 does.

I think all the tablets are capped at 30fps, as is Apple TV. It’s not hard to get 60fps+ in most areas with a computer.

Thanks Paul and Stuart!

Why I gave the Samsung Galaxy Tab A as an example, is because when it was recent, it seemed to match the minimum requirements and people bought it for using zwift on it. And then they found out, it was not supported. (There is a thread about this). I just want to avoid that scenario.

Some extra background info.
I am sure there are technical better options than a tablet. Like a PC. However, I would just like to have a display that I can mount onto the trainer. It is in the middle of my living room and I just dont want a PC there or an extra table. A tablet just blends in. I also do not want to be dependent on the availability of the TV. I would like the solution to be enabling as independent of the activities of the rest of my family. A scenario of connecting a PC (or apple tv) to my TV will end up in a technical nice solution that will not be used. I prefer low-res over that :slight_smile:

That’s why I am asking if people have experience with these tablets.


In that case then i have the galaxy Tab A7 which works ok.

The A8 you need to install Ant+ services as they aren’t standard.

I would imagine any current off the shelf modern tablet can run Zwift, how well is unknown.

But then it might run ok today and as new releases come out it’ll start to suffer. Look at how Makuri runs compared to other worlds.