New to Zwift - Beginner


I’m new to Zwift, I’ve ordered what i believe i need so far just looking at extras now.

Heart Rate Monitor - i have an Apple Watch (S3) can this be used or do i still need an actual Heart Rate Monitor?

I’ll mostly be using Ipad but when the house is quiet i want to use my PC - is it easy enough switching from Ipad to PC?


I have used my Apple watch S3 with Zwift, but you need to use it via the companion app on your phone, and set up the necessary app permissions. I found it flakey though, and it kept losing the connection. I would go for a dedicated HRM.

On the topic of swapping between PC and iPad - it depends on the setup. The iPad won’t support Ant+, so provided your PC supports Bluetooth and everything else is bluetooth (which I assume it is if using an iPad), then it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not sure if you will have access to your custom workouts though, which I beleive are stored locally.

Thanks Steven,

So in a nutshell i’m best just using the PC, i wanted to avoid having to move the Bike much but if using the PC gets the best experience then that’s what i’ll do.


Using iPad sometimes and PC other times: yes. As stated, iPad requires Bluetooth input. Zwift on PC (Windows 10) seems to work more reliably with ANT+ sensors. Most if not all of the current generation of cycling sensors (for heart rate, speed, cadence, or power) have both ANT+ and Bluetooth radios. If you buy a sensor, make sure it has both ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Your custom workouts are stored in the Zwift cloud and would show up on the iPad as they would on the PC.

Apple Watch (S3) as a heart rate monitor for Zwift: no experience on that.

Don’t forget you will need a ANT+ dongle in order to use the PC with the ANT+ connection. It is also worth getting a USB extension lead to get the dongle close to the bike (i have mine clipped under a surface next to the handlebars).

Not sure what the best PC/ Bluetooth set up would be…