iPad pro 9.7 zwift compatibel

Hi there,

I would like to trade My MacBook for an 9.7 iPad pro.  With the new iPad Pro and the powered USB adapter, connection with an ant+ Adapter should be possible.

at the moment swift is the only thing holding me back from buying an iPad pro 9.7.

will this be possible in the near future?

manny thanks,


We’ll be investigating iPad support internally in the very near future but there is no timeline for when it might be available.  The iPad Pro does seem like it finally has enough power to run something like Zwift at minimum settings - pretty cool.

I have the exact same sentiment as Daan, a Macbook sufficently equipped to run Zwift at near peak speed and frame rates, etc. would probably cost about $1500, about 2x as much as what a souped up iPad Pro would cost,