Macbook Pro M1 “high” detail profile wrong?

I have a new MAcbook Pro with the M1 Silicon. This runs 1440p and Zwift offers the “high” detail profile.

The problem is that I am not sure it is actually getting the “high” profile - Zwiftalizer says it is in the log file, but there are no rider/bike shadows - and I know these should be present from Medium upwards.

Is this a known issue and will it be fixed?

curious as well

I can confirm rider shadows were previously present on my M1 MBP. This is a new bug introduced by the 1440p bug fix, in the January update (in turn fixing a bug from the December update). Did try various config settings but unable to manually reactivate proper shadowing.

One can only hope the devs have already rolled the fix into the upcoming update; otherwise, anybody seeing this please vote on the topic!

No fix yet… March?? :pleading_face:

Is this fixed with the latest update from yesterday?
It’s been over 10 months now :frowning: