Question on MAC OS - New Release

Before I update my machine - can someone verify that ZWIFT is compatible with the newest Mac OS?

  • macOS 13: Ventura (Rome) – October 24, 2022 **(Latest: 13.0)

It released last week - I do not want to mess up my indoor training if this is not tested.

Let me know and thanks in advance.


I have been using Zwift with Ventura with no issues so far.


Also used Zwift during the week on Ventura with no issue.

For me the TL;DR is: update soon but not too soon. Don’t rush to install the latest release as soon as it comes out, unless you’re desperate for specific features in it. I usually wait about a month to see if critical bugs are fixed shortly after release.

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Anyone had bluetooth / ANT+ FEC control issues following upgrade to Ventura?

I upgraded Jan 26th, 2023 and verified that zwift came up and my power devices were registering (ANT+) and data was coming through. This morning I tried to do a workout and trainer resistance control / ERG appeared fine in Zwift but resistance changes were not occurring (ANT+ FEC.). I wasn’t able to pair via bluetooth natively nor via companion app. I futzed with some settings and believe Zwift had the required BLE / other permissions, but didn’t spend much time on it as I was trying to get my workout done and start ‘work’ for the day. I also re-paired multiple times and power cycled my trainer.

The upgrade also broke bluetooth game pad functionality with RetroArch (retro game emulation engine.). I ended up downgrading MacOS and restoring from backup so all is good now. Would be interesting to see if this is a MacOS upgrade-only issue, as it sounds like other people didn’t have problems. I didn’t have a chance to reinstall Zwift at 6am but did reinstall RetroArch several times last night and that didn’t resolve issues.

I haven’t had any problems with Ventura (upgraded from Monterey on a 2021 MacBook Pro). The ANT+ problems are probably related to the buggy 1.33 release of Zwift. Bluetooth is working fine for me.

Make sure the BT accessories you plan to pair with Zwift are not paired to the macOS Bluetooth system, or to any other app. I’m not sure what else to suggest. Did you get a pop-up in Zwift asking you to grant network permissions to Zwift?

The fact that RetroArch had problems using Bluetooth devices makes me think this is probably a system problem of some kind.

I am on Ventura - and have had no issues with BT connections, and have had no issues even after the most recent Zwift update - Granted I have not done an ERG, but freeride and Tour De Zwift have been fine.