Anyone on macOS 12.3 beta?

Hi all, curious if anyone is running the newly released macOS 12.3 beta, and if they’ve encountered any issues (connectivity or otherwise) with Zwift?

Hi @Teddy_Svoronos

While I’m not sure if there are Zwift community members who’ve tried Zwift on beta macOS 12.3, I can say with confidence that we don’t recommend it.

Since Zwift is only technically supported for the current full public released version of macOS, if you run the Zwift app on a beta OS, there’s a chance (oftentimes a good one) things will not function properly.

By the time macOS 12.3 is ready for a public release, I would expect Zwift’s developers should have the app ready for it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Steven! Your warning is well taken.

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