Zwift on MacOS Sonoma Public Beta

Has anyone tried running Zwift on MacOS Sonoma public beta, on an Apple Silicon machine? I’d like to upgrade but want to make sure it won’t break Zwift.

Not yet, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about doing. Not sure whether the “game mode” they’re introducing will have any effect on Zwift.

I was wondering the same. It’s not 100% clear, but my sense is that in order to take advantage of “game mode”, the developer has to specifically make coding changes to the app in order to benefit from this. If that’s the case, given how long it’s taken for Zwift to fully support Apple Silicon machines (still not there after almost 3 years), I won’t hold my breath on any improvements related to game mode.

Well, I took the plunge. Zwift doesn’t trigger Game Mode either through its launcher or by running the ZwiftApp or ZwiftAppSilicon binaries, but some games I have on my Mac do trigger it (and not others), so you’re right about them needing to do something to enable it.

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Cool, I will likely upgrade as well. No other noticeable issues running Zwift? What Mac hardware are you running?

Hi @marclennox and @marclennox

You’re welcome to try it. officially speaking - Zwift does not support beta versions of macOS.

Negligible difference between Sonoma and Ventura. I’m running a M1 Air with 16GB RAM.

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No problems running Zwift on Sonoma for me. It should be noted though, it looks like Zwift doesn’t take advantage of the new “Game Mode”, which is disappointing. For those of you that are also using IndieVelo, it does use “Game Mode”, likely because it’s built on the Unity framework.