Zwift app Mac mini and MacOS 11 / big sur

Hi, has anyone tried running the zwift app on macOS big sur ? I am planning to upgrade and wanted to hear if anyone has encountered any issues ?

Upgraded my MBP yesterday, ran zwift for an hour with no issues.

Excellent. Thanks !!!

I’m having a different (worse) experience. Don’t seem to be able to get my 2017 MBP to recognise my ANT+ dongle since the upgrade to Big Sur. Haven’t been able to connect my Elite Suito via BT either, although it did briefly recognise the Sterzo (steering plate). Will update here if I somehow manage to fix.

All of the above worked flawlessly under Catalina.

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This subject confused me a bit :slight_smile: With the new Mac Mini (M1 processor) and Big Sur, it would be possible to run the iOS App of Zwift

But i gather you mean the MacOS version of Zwift application, running on Big Sur, running on a Mac Mini or laptop :smiley:

I have a Late-2013 MBP (apparently the oldest model of MBP that can run Big Sur) and had no issues with:

  • Big Sur
  • Zwift
  • Garmin Vector 3 (Bluetooth to MBP)
  • Garmin HRM-Dual (Bluetooth to MBP)

(PS: anyone else tempted to shorten ‘MacOS Big Sur’ to ‘MacOS BS’? :thinking:)

Sorry to hear that Bodin. I did see some comments on the forum about a problem with the beta version and Ant+. Hopefully there will be a fix coming shortly.

Fair point Brett.
You are correct - 2014 Mac Mini, MacOS Zwift client & my setup is a Wattbike Atom via Bluetooth. Hoping it will be ok. Actually and coincidently, I do have an M1 Mini on order and so fingers crossed for that also !

p.s. MacOS BS :joy: