Big Sur update - Now ultra slow/won't load

So I updated to Big Sur a few days ago… I started Zwift today (iMac) and it launched OK albeit it took 5 minutes to get to the point where I could actually ride, this was literally a minute or two before the update.

I selected a ride and I’m just waiting and waiting, my internet connection is fine but Zwift basically just doesn’t load.

I’ve restarted my Mac, I’ve reinstalled Zwift, restarted all of my Wifi etc, but still the same issues, even get prompted that there are no routes to ride…


When you updated macOS - did it reset your app permissions to the default (restrictive) settings? You might want to double check that Zwift has permissions to access your Documents folder. If it doesn’t - it’ll have problems running.

If you’ve verified that was correct- a clean uninstall / reinstall is the next step.
1 Use Finder to search for "Zwift, and delete all folders and files that come up.
2. Download and install the latest Zwift from This includes the latest version of Zwift launcher app, which is important.
3. When prompted to give access to the Documents folder - say yes.

Did that solve your problem?


I’d read the above earlier trying to resolve the issue.

Zwift isn’t listed within the files/folders selection and I cannot add it.

I deleted the 2 Zwift folders, downloaded the app and ran through the install again, exactly the same issues which prompted me to add this question to the support forum.

If there’s a way to add the permissions please let me know, or is there a way to completely remove all Zwift components and perform a clean install?


Apple introduced tightened security measures in CatalinaOS. The permissions settings should still be the same for Big Sur.

The steps I gave above are the clean uninstall & reinstall. Have you done that? Can you screenshot the two Zwift folders that come up in Finder?

Hi Shuji,

So this is what I have done this morning…

I’ve uninstalled Zwift via the applications folder and also deleted the two zwift folders and their contents.

I’ve downloaded the latest installer and run through the setup, at no point did it prompt for access to my files or folders.

I’ve launched the zwift app and it automatically logged me in without asking for my email/password??? However it does seem more responsive, I loaded a ride and that seemed pretty quick compared to yesterday, I don’t have time to do a ride right now so will give it a go tonight and report back.