Slow load on mac

Running zwift on my 2017 macbook air. 8gig memory, 2.2ghz intel chip. No issues until i upgraded to Monterey 12.7.3 a couple weeks ago.
Now zwift loads painfully slowly. Takes about 5 minutes. Then also very slow to load worlds. A minute or more.
Any fixes for this or is it normal with this setup?

I wouldn’t expect a big change (were you already on Monterey before this update?) but I have seen situations where post-upgrade performance suffers until I do an SMC reset on the mac. I would also want to check the activity monitor to see if anything else is consuming a lot of resources prior to launching Zwift.

If you still have Zwift log files from before the upgrade, you could upload them to and it will report the load time, so you can compare the difference.