Zwift is sooo slow now

Not sure what’s going on, but Zwift has slowed to a chunky seizure inducing grind on my computer. It used to run Zwift just fine from 2016 on, and now Zwift is taking up 90% of the cpu. What gives?
It’s mid 2012 MacBook Pro with 16gb ram and dual i7 2.5 ghz processors. This rig does some serious pro audio work just fine. Pretty sure if I can’t get Zwift to run better I’ll take my biz elsewhere.

Hi @Ryan_Patterson Welcome to Zwift forums.
When did this slowness begin for you? I took the liberty of looking at your session logs and it looks like you may have taken the summer off to ride outside? Did the slowness start as soon as you came back, or are you saying it’s happened in the last week?

One thing I noticed is that your MacBook is running OSX 10.14, which is a major generation behind the latest version. As Zwift updates our game versions, we expect that our users will also update their OS versions too. Is your MacBook hardware capable of running OS X Catalina?

I’ve seen the same on the same hardware.

Nvidia with 512MB VRAM? This doesn’t meet video memory requirements.

This is going to sound counter intuitive. Try forcing integrated (Intel) graphics. This will give you more video memory and Zwift will run properly.

Also… If you’re using an external monitor there are driver issues that cause the same symptoms you describe. This affects everything, not just Zwift. Best results will be found using the laptop monitor.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll check it out later today

The slowness has been progressively worse.

I prefer not to update my OS as I run a number of dedicated audio apps that don’t always work well with the latest OS upgrades.

I’ll most likely end up running Zwift in my IPad…

Same issue here. Zwift takes forever to load the app and then takes about 5min to load a map before I can finally start pedaling. No lags after that. It started to be slow after I upgraded my OSX to BigSur about 2-3 weeks ago. I’ve got a 2015 Macbook Air + Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB .