Graphics Locking Up

Wondering if Zwift isn’t loading graphics in fast enough? It’s clearly still recording data, as there’s no data missing in Strava. But to have graphics locked up for the last couple minutes of an event, that *** sucks. Hard to hit a sprint blind.

Is this a regular problem for you? If so please describe the equipment you’re running Zwift on. If it’s a PC, it’s important to know the CPU, GPU, memory, storage type, etc.

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Yes, a fairly regular issue. Running Zwift on a Macbook Air 6,2, running Windows 10: Intel i5-4250U, 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 5000 iGPU.

I suspect this is a case of not having better hardware. The machine you describe is the early 2014 model with a 1.3GHz CPU so it’s really old and slow, and the integrated graphics in it is also a poor performer. If you were to contact Zwift support about this they would tell you to check for a different/newer video driver so that’s worth trying but if the driver is current then there’s probably not a lot you can do to make it more stable. You could check the Windows Event Viewer for any errors that are logged, but in my view that is probably not going to result in a solution. I’m sure it’s maxing out the CPU at all times (probably even on the home screen).

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[quote=“Jessica Hamilton [BRT Hellcatz], post:3, topic:609487, username:Jessica_Hamilton_BRT”]
Macbook Air 6,2, running Windows 10

Wait, you’re running Windows on a Mac laptop?

I wonder if Zwift would run better natively under MacOS.

Possibly (rolling the dice with a different graphics driver) but still that CPU is just not going to perform well. Uploading a Zwift log to would probably show frame rates worse than Apple TV or tablets, and in the Makuri world it’s going to be pretty awful.

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Ah yeah, FPS is around 18 average, but honestly, I haven’t noticed it for the most part. And even at low FPS, it’s still enough to be able to race. But no drawing at all, that’s a killer…

If you can afford better hardware, even Apple TV would do better. Those frame rates are extremely poor, probably indicative of the system becoming periodically exhausted, there weren’t even that many riders in the event with you, and you weren’t in Makuri. In a ToW ride or even a big field race it would be much worse. The intermittent network latency is also not good, though it’s probably not a cause of the failure and might also be a result of running out of CPU.

I’m on poor DSL, network is what it is. Anyway, I’ve done events with ~100 riders in the pack in Makuri, and it’s been fine. A “thumbderstorm” made the FPS drop heavily, but it kept drawing, which is all that’s required. Neokyo routes have been okay as well. This seems a different issue unrelated to FPS, and didn’t coincide with a significant drop of FPS either.