Resume supporting MacBook or at least notify users the app isn't supported!

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #1

As a Macbook user who doesn’t own an Ipad or Iphone (nor do I have a PC with video drivers capable of running the app), I’m extremely ticked to learn after the update came out that you no longer support MacBook!! 

If you are going to stop supporting a platform, a little notice would be nice! I realize we can keep using it and access only Watopia with 4-5 other riders at a time, but…yeah…No. And at the moment buying a minimum $500 gaming PC or a an Ipad or Iphone isn’t an option. So no Zwift suddenly, in the middle of winter…-14° tonight here. :frowning:

And if I’m wrong and this update does support MacBook, can you explain why it’s not listed as a supported platform in Itunes and also how you can download something other than an ipa extension?

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #2

Guess I can’t edit or remove. Apparently this is a problem with Itunes, which is where I download my Apple apps. The link on Zwift is working and runs on Macs. Sorry, really freaking suck butt week and I was pissy :frowning: