Zwift crashing all of sudden on macOS High Sierra

i just reloaded Zwift after a few years not using it. I now have a wahoo kickr core. A few days ago i downloaded the app on my mac and logged in and did my set up prior to receiving my trainer. I could not ride of course but it allowed me to use the “just watch” feature.

Now i got trainer and paired it and it crashes after it i hit start ride.
ive used the same computer in the past with no issues.

It would be helpful to know the detailed specs of the Mac and which OS you’re running.
Also, be aware that earlier this year Zwift introduced some cut-offs to which GPUs are supported. That may not be related (since you were able to run Zwift in watching mode), but worth a look :

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Hi @Donald_Libasci_RACER
Since it’s macOS - you might be running into the shutdown that happens when the Zwift app does not have write permissions to your Documents folder.

Since macOSX 10.15 Catalina - Apple tightened their app security to prevent apps from these write permissions, and that results in the apps shuttting down. Try these steps to allow those permissions.

Would you let us know if that works? If yes - you may have to repeat this every time you update macOS to a new version.

i have mAC os high sierra 10.13.6

If you’re on High Sierra, it wouldn’t be the write permission issue at play in your case.

However, running Zwift on an OS that’s several generations old presents challenges that are difficult to solve if they’re at the operating system level, which in this case has been end-of-lifed by Apple. Often, those challenges are conflicts with old graphics drivers that can no longer be updated.

Are you able to update your computer to macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer? That would be the first step I’d recommend.

Beyond that step - we can help investigate your specific situation if you’d contact my colleagues offline.

I’m currently running macOS high Sierra

I don’t think I can update

Donald R. Libasci

Noooo. Would you verify? If that’s true, the end of the road for that machine as a Zwift computer is coming in a few months. macOS Sierra and High Sierra will no longer be supported as of August 1, and precisely because game developers struggle to overcome crashes with old OS versions that have been end-of-lifed by Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Zwift runs on iOS / macOS / AppleTV / Windows / Android. Would you have another, more recent device you can use instead?

After zwift launch the latest update it takes me almost 45mins to get the event fully uploaded which normally takes only few minutes …extremely slow and decided to change other apps …

Many older macs can run the latest macOS by using OpenCore Legacy Patcher. It’s not supported by Apple, but neither is High Sierra.