Zwift Update vs. Ipad mini 2 ios12

Dear Community,

I have the iPad Mini 2 with ios12.
The new update from Zwift only works since August with ios13.
If i try to update the last version which is compatible with the old ios versions, it doesn’t work.
So have no oppertunity at the moment to use the zwift app on my ipad.

Had anyone the same problem and has found a Solution?

Thank you

I think you are out of luck unfortunately. Like most things in tech there becomes a point that they are no longer supported which you can see as Apple wont allow upgrade to iOS13.

Ipad mini 2 is now 9 years old so quite dated compared to modern versions.

best solution a new ipad or maybe look at ATV or a cheap gaming pc can be built for not much more (ZPCMR - Zwift PC Masters & Riders | Facebook is a good group for ideas)