How do I get my iPad to update?

I read a couple of posts that say the ‘not registering workout completed’ problem has been solved with a new update. How can I get that update? I run Zwift on my iPad and it currently says it’s version 1.10.1 and the new version is 1.11.0. But there is no update in my App Store updates. How do I tell the app to update?

How old is the iPad and what iOS version are you on?

requirements from
iPad® Air or higher, iPad® Pro or higher, iPad mini® 2 or higher, or iPod 6 or higher *(this should probably be iPad 6, not iPod :smile:)
iOS® 9.0 or higher

I have an iPad 6 running iOS 14.4

This version should be available for you then

  • iOS : 1.11.0 (1.0.64887) (March 16, 2021) - allow time to propagate worldwide

Thanks - I’ll wait to see if it becomes available soon